Starting early versus starting big

If you want to be sure about achieving your financial goals, start early. Don’t be deterred even if the start is small. It’s far more important to start early than to start big. If you have time on your side, you have a secret sauce that can turn even small amounts into gigantic sums over time. It’s called COMPOUNDING By Indranil Guha   I was recently chatting up with two of my ex-colleagues, who finally woke up to the fact that they haven’t really started saving up for their golden years in any…Continue reading →

Why should you invest in equity mutual funds only through robo-investing platforms?

This is the second of a two part series. In the first part, we had examined how high performing Equity Oriented Mutual Funds have given eye-popping returns (at times in excess of 20% annually) over timeframes as extended as 20 years, making them arguably the best suited instrument for long term wealth creation for retail investors. In this second part, we’ll examine how today’s best performing funds aren’t necessarily going to be so forever, and hence why the only way to sustain the superlative returns that equity mutual funds are known to generate…Continue reading →