Lump sum investment in mutual fund is tricky. And STP is not the solution

Even the best mutual funds for lump sum investment could end up with negative returns for a holding as long as 5 years.
And STPs do not help much.
So how to invest lump sum amount?
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Introducing Finpeg Lump sum strategy - India's most intelligent solution for lump sum Investment in mutual funds

Using intelligent asset allocation and portfolio optimization techniques, Finpeg Lump sum strategy offers much better returns than your plain lump sum investment in mutual funds.

So how much outperformance does Finpeg lump sum strategy generate?

Historically*, for a 5 year period on a multicap fund, this strategy has yielded an average return of 22.9% and never yielded a return lower than 14.6%. Awesome, isn't it?

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Sounds too good to be true?
What's the catch?

Sounds too good to be true? What's the catch?

No catch! It's just the power of Finpeg's scientific approach to Mutual Fund Investments

The Investment Logic - Algorithms designed to get the best out of lump sum investment in Mutual Funds

The Investment Logic - Algorithms designed to get the best out of lump sum investment in Mutual Funds

Doing a one-shot investment or a fixed time-frame STP into equity mutual funds is sub optimal. Why not apply market intelligence to get the best possible entry. Finpeg does exactly that.

Intelligent Entry

Unlike STPs, our algorithms have been trained to get the best possible entry for your lump sum amount. You buy funds at the lowest possible prices every time.

Intelligent Rebalancing

Using various inputs like PE ratio, PB ratio, Interest Rates, we have trained our algorithm to decide the most optimal asset allocation at any given point of time.

Intelligent Exit

What about an exit strategy. What happens when you need your money back. Our rule-based exit strategy ensures that you sell at the highest possible prices.

The most advanced & trusted Platform for Mutual Funds Investment in India

It's our strong belief that investment advisory is a very personalised service requiring a one-on-one access to your advisor at all the time.

With us, you get exactly that! A single point of contact - your dedicated RM. Goodbye customer care execs!

Our cutting-edge research ensures that you get the best investing strategies and the best mutual funds to invest in India. Your money deserves the best and we endeavor to offer you the best!

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